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Selecting Your Service and Getting Started with Goodsides
Selecting Your Service and Getting Started with Goodsides

Begin your journey to powerful storytelling: Explore our services and let's craft a strategy that resonates.

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At Goodsides, we understand that every institution has a unique story to tell and a community to inspire.

Our mission is to bring those stories to life through unparalleled visual storytelling, using the highest-grade production techniques in the industry.

Whether you’re aiming to boost enrollment, recruit top talent, reinvigorate your archive, or shine a light on community growth and prosperity, we offer three distinct service tiers tailored to meet your needs: Media Consultations, Cinematic Video Productions, and Managed Marketing Services.

Navigating Our Services

Selecting the right service tier begins with understanding your goals:

  • Media Consultations: Ideal for institutions seeking expert guidance to refine their messaging and develop a strategic roadmap.

  • Cinematic Video Productions: Perfect if you're ready to bring your story to life with stunning visuals that capture the essence of your community.

  • Managed Marketing Services: Designed for institutions that want a dedicated team to amplify their message and maximize reach for lasting impact.

Getting Started with Goodsides (Outside of an RFP/RFQ)

  1. Initial Consultation: Schedule a free consultation to discuss your vision, goals, and what makes your community unique.

    1. We have a Calendly link available as well:

  2. Scope and Quote: Based on our discussion, we'll develop a proposed scope of work outlining the project's goals, deliverables, and associated costs.

  3. Quote Approval: Upon your review and approval of the quote, we'll move forward with finalizing the contract.

  4. Contract Signing: Once all terms are agreed upon, we'll send over a Docusign for electronic signature and execution. We'll also share insurance documentation.

  5. Strategic Planning: We'll collaborate on a detailed plan. This includes everything from strategy development and storyboarding to campaign creation and logistical planning.

Call us to get started today with a free consultation: 833 981 2816

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